Educational principles 

Strengthening the child's character 

We accept and appreciate children, along with their strengths and their weaknesses

We encourage and support children's self confidence 

We approach children with respect

We recognise childrens needs 

We accept  children's limitations and support them in communicating their own needs  

We provide children with positive feedback and thereby strengthen their confidence

Supporting and encouraging the child's development 

We support children in their independence and provide them with self confidence. 

We observe the behaviour of each child, address our observations critically on the basis of our expert knowledge and make appropriate use of this information. 

We recognise our function as a role model. 

We put together an interesting, varied daily routine and provide the children with new stimuli, which they then incorporate into their development. 

We advance at the individual pace of development of each individual child. 

We note down our observations regularly and use them as the basis for discussion with the parents, as well as for the early recognition of any anomalies. 

Encouraging independence

We offer structures within which the children can take decisions appropriate to their age and circumstances. 

We allow the children space to create their own experiences. 

We embolden the children to try things out for themselves and put their ideas into practice, and we give them the time to do so. 

We observe the children so that we can help them if necessary. 

We respect the children's own wishes, but also impose limits upon them. 

We allow the children space to create their own experiences.


The children learn to respect each other and take each other seriously.

The children leave each other enough space to develop independently. 

The children act considerately towards each other, including taking account of their different ages.