Conceptual framework

Enrolling the children

The Little Friends Nursery is an all-day nursery that offers children care and eduction as a supplement to that given by the family. Children aged from 3 months up to and including pre-school age are looked after in a mixed-age group that allows children to experience and learn together. We want the children to feel happy and accepted with us, without any pretence. Every child should be able to develop individually in accordance with their own aptitudes. We support the children entrusted to us in their emotional, cognitive and motor development .

Opening hours 

The nursery is open from Monday to Friday, from 7am to 6pm. It remains closed over the weekends and on statutory holidays. 

in order to safeguard our child-appropriate nursery routine, we ask that parents adhere to the following drop-off and pick-up times: 

Mornings:   7 - 9 am 

Evenings;    4 - 6 pm 

Nursery care packages and tariffs 

Whole days CHF 120 

Half days CHF 65 


We place a high value on a diet that is healthy, fresh and varied. We therefore cook everything ourselves - breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. We write out a menu plan every week to ensure that the children are given a varied diet that is suitable for their age. 

Period of familiarisation 

During the period of familiarisation, we get to know to the child. During this phase, the parents are present in the nursery or can be reached immediately by telephone. 

Various matters

Visitors' parking spaces are available for dropping off and picking up the children. 

For the wellbeing of your children, you must be available for contact by telephone at all times . 

Further information

 "Little Friends" Nursery, Kaiserstuhlstrasse 34, 8154 Oberglatt, Switzerland,

Working with the parents 

The nursery places a very high value on working well with parents. The brief exchange of information when the children are being dropped off and picked up is just as much a part of this as any individual meetings and parents' evenings. We aim to build a bridge that we can all cross with confidence and a feeling of comfort. Parents are welcome here and can also phone us at any time. 

Living with the children

In order that your children feel good here, the caring team works to create a pleasant atmosphere and happy experiences. Individual care and group activities allow the children to gather varied experiences while enjoying the freedom they need for their personal development and experience. Our work is centred on the holistic development of the child.